Mental Balance, 2013

Installation in collaboration with Ivan Geddert and Gil Hong
artificial flowers, chlorine scent, grow lights, compressed wood plates, picture frames, wall paper

Documentation of the performance 'Madrigal für zwei Dirigenten' (Madrigal for two conductors) for the exhibition 'Unhyde - Speaker's Corner' of the Atelier K4


Conductors Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss and Simon Rummel conduct 'Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno' from Jacques Arcadelt.

Documentation (excerpt) 2012, of the music performance/installation for the exhibition 'In Anwesenheit' of the Atelier K4.


In this music installation, die violinist (Isabel Wamig) is searching for pieces of sheet music which I placed in specific places around the exhibition space. These pieces are all excerpts of ensemble pieces, where the violin plays a supporting role. The path ends with her playing a complete solo piece for violin by Teleman in an open room. In this room, the violinist is being lit from behind so that her moving shadow is projected through the window and unto a wall behind it.

Untitled, 2012

Trampoline, wooden frame and paper

Documentation/trailer of 'Red Dresses'

performed in Groningen, 2012
Choreography: Anna-Luella Zahner
Dancers: Pauline Devathaire, Roland Hoogwater, Anne van Stormbroek, Aebele Trijsburg
Camera: Joshua Maldonado
Editing: Joshua Maldonado & Anna-Luella Zahner
Music: Mevlana Lipp

Documentation (excerpt) 2012, of the performance for the exhibition 'Uncertain', Groningen

Choreography/music: Anna-Luella Zahner in collaboration with Christiana van Lammeren and Petra Kühnle

Project proposal of an interactive installation
for the Tschumi Pavillion in Groningen, 2012

In this proposal, several treadmills and motion sensors will be installed in the pavilion. As soon as the visitor enters, these treadmills start moving. A wind machine will also start and music of Beethoven is heard. The higher up the visitor gets by walking, the faster the treadmill will go.. Passersby can watch the struggling visitor through the pavilion's glass walls.

Documentation of 'Lot' (excerpt), 2012

Sound installation with human voices and sounds documented by NASA, Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn

This sound installation was held in an old chapel, now transformed into a new gallery space for the art organization Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK). Citing the old use of the location, this work deals with the human need for an answer.

Documentation of 'Still Disco/Invitation', 2012

installation with performers

This installation transforms a room into a surreal club with lights, stroboscope and fog machine. Visitors can enter this room and walk through performers, which are all frozen in their movements. This creates the isolation of a seemingly social situation, that stays impermeable however, for the individual.

Documentation of 'A Chamber for Chamber music' (excerpt), 2011

music installation in elevators, New York
musicians: Dwayne Beach, Kristina Vitek, Valerie Whitney, Marcin Wisnieswski

The idea was to create a space for chamber musicians, as this form of classical music is the one that is the least visible today and has lost it's cause as a well heeled entertainment for people that have the space for it. Transporting this into a New York building in which the public usually takes elevators to get to one place or another it is sentenced to serve the middle class that will hear the music in a more 'elevator music' type of way. It also makes reference to our use of classical music as background music to entertain a moment of waiting.

Fitting in Spaces, 2011

Installations in collaboration with Irina Lotarevich, New York

Untitled, 2011

light installation, New York
wood, paint, scuba diving lights, water, plastic cannisters

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