'Madrigal für zwei Dirigenten' ( Madrigal for two conductors), 2013

conductors: Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss, Simon Rummel
music: Jacques Arcadelt

'Suspension', 2012

collaboration with Ivan Geddert

'Bike Race', 2012

bike racers: Megan Scott, Anna-Luella Zahner
camera: Andre Borges
editing: Anna-Luella Zahner
This bike race is about not reaching the finish line and therefore driving as slow as possible without falling over.

'The Hipster Ballet', 2011

Solo: Glenda Pezuela, Marques Stewart
Corps de Ballet: Alexander Lane, Courtney Cook, Christine Hull, Angel Anise, Davis Anthony
organic bag holder: Romanie Harper
Choreography/camera/editing: Anna-Luella Zahner

'Fall', 2011

2'41'', one channel video, color, sound


Collaboration with Izabela Gola. The work makes a parallel between political and religious iconographies to craft a peculiar ritualistic phenomena, or a metaphor for a failed religious object. It is a visual allegory of pathos drawn from the aesthetics surrounding monumental representation, dictatorship, and mourning ceremonies. The ritual is enclosed in a triptych navigating between two spaces, the personal and the public, that provide two different approaches to the event. The more personal, internal space, encloses the public, external. The religious or political visual codes become exaggerated into a circus like performance.

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